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At a Glance-

 Basundhara is a home of joy for the orphaned, abandoned and deprived children of our society.Realizing the role of education in the lives of these children ,Basundhara opened its residential school ,Sri Aurobindo Integral School at Gatirout Patna, a village twenty kilometers away from Cuttack on the Cuttack-Paradeep Express High Way. Spread over acres of sylvan landscape on the bank of  river Mahanadi, this school is now a home of learning for the children of Basundhara as well as of the state.

Deprived as most of these children are of normal parental love and care, special attention is given to each child by the teachers and other members of the staff who work here with the blessed awareness of their noble duties. The school has adopted the pedagogical method propounded by Sri Aurobindo that seeks to achieve holistic development for the eltimate Evolution of the individual into beauty, power, knowledge and love.

 This school, being a courageous venture of love and hope, has found its place in many kind hearts across the globe.Their gracious patronage can be seen in the sparkling eyes and innocent smiles of the children who otherwise would have lost their lives to darkness and despair.

Vision & Objective-


Our Journey-