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Annual Report



A very joyous welcome to our school in the beginning of 2018.Hope the past one and half month has been very good to you bringing with it a lot of promises for the future months.
   The day has again arrived today for which the children were waiting with so much eagerness. It is the day of jubilation, fun, merrymaking and most importantly an occasion to show their talent in various fields, to all their well-wishers. To prove that they are not inferior to their counterparts in other privileged schools. We all, at Basundhara are deeply indebted to the august gathering assembled heretoday and to those residing in different parts of India and the world, for instilling in the children the much-neededconfidence, for giving them the courage to dream for a better life. Words here fail to express our feelings of gratitude properly. I hope the performance which the children are going to give today,in itself willsay, how much we owe to you. Because without your support and encouragement it couldn’t have been possible today. But there is a long path to traverse and the challenges are unknown. Hope your support, our effort and above all the Almighty’s abundant grace would enable us to meet and overcome all challenges along the way and lead us on the path of progress.
             I know everyone here is now eager to watch the performance of the little fairies waiting there in the room and they on their part also are on the verge of jumping onto the stage at the slightest signal. But before that I shall request you to bear with me for a little longer while I would acquaint you with the activities of the academic year 2017 and 18.
        Now in our school there are 60 children from Nursery to class VIII and all are the inmates of the hostel. We have no outside children. Among them 53 are girls and 7 are boys. In the mid-session, some 8 children were transferred to other homes due to the implementation of some new rules of the government. In the meantime, some other guardians have applied for the admission of their wards in the hostel. The process of scrutiny is going on. Besides this there are 3 tenth std. girls in Chauliaganja school who are now appearing in the school final exam. 2 ninth class girls are studying in Ratnakar Vidyamandir . 10 boys in ODM Public School and 5 girls in college. Now we have 8 teachers in the school and one Tution teacher for Maths to teach the ninth-class girls in the hostel. There are 4 teachers for yoga, music, tabla and drawing besides the headmistress who is in honorary basis. A girl from ‘Swadhar Home’ has been appointed as a peon. Last year 2 of our girls passed high school certificate examination in 3rd division from Chauliganjschool. Considering their low level of intelligence and grasping capacity we felt happy for them in spite of their miserable result. The assurance was that, at least they passed Matriculation! God willing and if their will power can be boosted up they can achieve something in life. Now they are continuing in the college inthe vocational stream.
         With the completion of the boundary wall our school has a big play ground now, where the children are playing to their heart’s content. Besides the regular curricular activities our children have participated in different extracurricularactivities and competitions in and outside the school.

1:-D28-2-17 A group of 5 girls attended a workshop on ‘sexual awareness ‘ organized by RedcrossBhaban and had participated successfully in the discussion.
2:-D 11.3.17. :- children participated in a seminar ‘ Safe and exploit less childhood ‘ at JayadevBhavan BBSR.
VIVID AVENUE a NGO had organized different competitions on Maths, GK,English& Oriya spelling, debate , translation among students in our school and gave away prizes to the winners .
4:- D10.4.17:- A regular competition was taken among students of different classes on Maths( tables) and dictation in Odia and English.
5:-D 16.5.17:- Children of our school had participated in a drawing competition in UtkalBalashram Cuttack .
4:-D 21.6.17:- International Yoga day was observed in the school by displaying yoga and discussing the benefits of  the same in human life.
D17.10.17:- Children of our school participated in a cultural programme organized by ETV .
4:--D6.11.17:- 8 girls from our school participated in different competitions at UtkalBalashram CTC and Laxmi Dehuri and BitiPriyadarsini stood 1st and 2nd in 100 meter race.
D8.11.17:- All the children in 6 groups visited Baliyatra on8th and9th of November 2017.
5:- D 10.11.17 :- Laxmi Dehuri participated in state level 100 meter race at Capital Girls School
6:- 17.11.17:- A competition on debate ‘Child protection Right ‘ was organised by Child Line Cuttack at

D5.12.17:- On Sri Aurobindo’sMahaprayana day competitions on elocution, quiz on Sri Aurobinda’s life was organised in the school.
D6.12.17:- 6 girls of our school were highly praised by the audience when they sang a patriotic song on Odisha at Sri Ramchandra Bhavan Cuttack.
D29.12.17:- Children participated in a competition organised by Saraswoti Kala Parishad at Kandarpur  and bagged two prizes in group dance and drawing and mono drama.
D6.1.18:- Our children sang the opening song and performed yoga on the occasion of children festival organised by Child line Cuttack at Basundhara premises .
D13.1.18:-Children participated in different competitions organised by
SwamijiYuvak Sangha at Baral.
D14.1.18:- Children participated in a yoga show organised by Vedic Yogapitha  at Indoor Stadium Cuttack.LaxmiDehuri stood First in the competition.
D30.1.18:- we had arranged a picnic for smaller children at Nandanknan.
D11.1.18:- The older children had gone on a study tour cum picnic to the airport, science park, planetarium, and Regional museum of natural history.
Events and meetings were also attended by the teachers at different times of the session ,at different places.
D19.3.17-Matrubhaban Cuttack
D08.7.17-9.7.17 - Sri Aurobindo Integral School- Sidheswarpur
D30.7.17-Pathachakra seminar - Matribhavan Cuttack
D23.9.17to 25.9.17 -seminar Khandagiri Sri Bihar , Sri AurobindoPurnangavidyalaya-
D28.10.17- Pathachakra- AurobindoPurnanga  Vidyalaya. Kantapada, Adashpur.

       As usual our children observed all the festivals both in the school and the hostel including Satyanarayana puja and the Republic and Independence Day, Teachers Day and Children’s day. On 22nd and 23rd of December our school had its Annual Sports day which the children enjoyed fully.
Thus the year has been a year of vibrant life for our children.
And we hope, the year ahead too would be full of laughter and learning for the children.