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Annual Report

                                                               ANNUAL REPORT 2022-23

A very good afternoon and warm welcome to the annual function of Sri Aurobindo Integral school- Basundhara.I Snigdha Biswal - on behalf of the school would like to thank our esteemed guests on the dais, the other guests present here for gracing this occasion, our friends & well wishers who though are not here now but always are there with us emotionally in the moments of success & failure , our teachers & my beloved children.
It is only after 3 years that we have gathered here like this , in this time of the year to celebrate our annual function . But it seems , as if a long time has passed to witness such jubilation , such vibrant lively atmosphere in this premises. The monstrous pandemic had put a sudden break to the activities of everyday life. But the word LIFE signifies not to stay still - but a continuous & unfailing  process of moving on -in the face of every difficulty and braving every challenge , that comes on the way. If you are to be alive , you have to fight . No other option is left.
 We did that.
During that lockdown period , being a school which has the total student population from the most deprived sections of the society , having life’s harsh uncertainties encircling them day & night - it was not at all expected that they would fruitfully avail the facilities of online teaching like their privileged counterparts. So after two years ,when they finally came to us ,  bereft of any studies for the entire lockdown period ,it became actually a tough struggle for all of us - the children, the  teachers and the members of the school committee .This is still continuing. Adopting different procedures through trial and error method we have been consistently trying to raise the children’s standard up to that class’s level , where they were compelled to sit after lockdown- because they had to skip 2 classes at one go. It is not at all an easy task to achieve our goal . But we haven’t lost faith. Hope , next session things would be comparatively easier for each one of us. What is touching and keeps  our patience intact , is that , the children have become more understanding. These difficult days have instilled in them a sense of maturity. Most of them are really trying and cooperating with us as far as they are capable of doing. It is a fact that we can’t expect magic from them. So hope is our only recourse and we believe , it will happen.
We are fortunate enough to have friends & well wishers both in India and abroad. It’s really overwhelming to get the kind of support you have been extending to us for so many years in our hours of need.
Like last year ,this time also some new enthusiastic friends have actively joined hands with us to take the work forward. Time and distance has never been a barrier for them. We truly feel very humbled, when we witness , from their very busy schedule , how they could manage to take out this precious time to meet the needs & necessities of these innocent children .
It is a very assuring & nice feeling to see that SAIS family is growing day by day with dedicated volunteers.
    Like every other time , this year also we have observed all the important days like various local & national festivals in the school but with less pomp & ceremony. It is because we had to devote more time for studies to make up for the lost days .To achieve this purpose , from time to time we had conducted competitions in Eng & Oriya spelling, essay ,handwriting,G K etc. in side our school  . Some other activities like health camps, social get togethers ,  were also  successfully organised in our school.

1 - General health checkup organised by ‘Ayush ‘- a government concern on Dt.29.3.22 & Dt.7.11.22
2 - Skin disease check up on Dt.22.11.22 by skin specialist Dr. Kedarnath Dash .
3- Dental check up camp by KIMS BBSR - Dt.16.4.22
4- Physiotherapy & Art therapy programs by Spanish delegates from Dt.28.7.22 to Dt.2.8.22
5- A rare get together of ‘Sakha’s inmates & Basundhara Gatiroutpatna’s inmates was organised by Sakha at Gatiroutpatna on Dt19.12.22
6- Our science teacher joined the Teacher Orientation training programme on- Dt.10.8.22
This session due to lack of time & some other obstacles our children did not get enough scope to participate in various competitions organised by other institutions except only two - Swamiji Yubak Sangha & Saraswoti Kala Parishad.
To our pride our children have bagged some prizes in both places .
Our annual picnic , annual sports & annual function were successfully held on the following dates .
Annual sports -Dt.3.12.22
Sports - Dt.16.12.22& Dt.17.12.22
Function-Dt.20.1. 23
School Inspection for Swachhata mission on- Dt.15.5.22


Thanks .