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  • Our Journey

Our Journey

 At Basundhara, the need for a school with the specific ambience of abundant empathy and infinite love was felt. This longing found its fulfillment in the establishment of Sri Aurobindo Integral School in Gatirout Patna, a village twenty kilometers away from cuttack on the Cuttack-Paradeep Express High Way. Established in 2010 and spread over acres of sylvan landscape on the bank of the river Mahanadi, this school has now a home of learning for the children of Basundhara as well as of the State.

Amidst the scenic beauty of nature,on the bank of river Mahanadi stands “Basundhara”,a home for the homeless.Here,in her premises,with the support of some benevolent friends fron Spain and France a village school named ‘Gramya Vidyalaya’ started functioning with classes from Nursery to class III.The school continued from February 2004 to February 2009.But as the years rolled on and the number of children increased, adire need was felt to start a full fledged school.As a result the village school was converted into Sri Aurobindo Integral School and it started functioning from 18th March 2010 having classes from Nursery to standard V with 5 teachers,1 peon,24 children from Basundhara and 8 children from outside.