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  • Vision & Objective

Vision & Objective

“The  single aim of my life is that every child is-

  Free to be a child,

  Free to grow and develop,

  Free to eat,sleep,see daylight,

  Free to laugh and cry,

  Free to play,

  Free to learn,free to go to school,

  And above all free to dream.”-----  Kailash Satyarthi


Every child , he / she  orphan or abandoned or poor, is a gift of God and he / she has a right to a decent life..


The prime objective of our school is to provide qualitative education to such deprived children so that they would be able to strive in life for their material and emotional wellbeing.

Deprived as most of these children are of normal parental love and care, special attention is given to each child by teachers and other members of the staff who work here with the blessed awareness of their noble duties. The school has adopted the pedagogical method propounded by Sri Aurobindo that seeks to achieve holistic development for the ultimate evolution of the individual into beauty, power, knowledge and love.

This school, being a courageous venture of love and hope, has found its place in many kind hearts across the globe. Their gracious patronage can be seen in the sparkling eyes and innocent smiles of the children who otherwise would have lost their lives to darkness and despair.